Laundry services in Teddington

Below you can find a selection of testimonials from our customers. Contact Bubbles Laundry Service for more details.


“A very professional and friendly service. Mark and the team are always very keen to go the extra mile when it comes to helping customers. Highly recommended”

Mary, Teddington

“Great service and quick turnaround. Dropped my service wash off in the morning and picked it up later that day…all beautifully clean and folded. I even got a free Bubbles Launderette bag!”

David G

“Great launderette. I recommend them to all my friends”

Nicole K

“I love Bubbles. My ironing is picked up in the morning and delivered in the afternoon, perfectly clean and folded. No need to iron excellent service”


“Excellent service!”


“A really good service for delivery, collection and results of laundry. Always arrived promptly for collection and the laundry delivered back was folded so well it didn’t need ironing. Made life a lot easier for my mother. Always easy to contact to make any changes to dates and always obliging. Thanks very much.”


“I’m from out of town and staying in a hotel for months because of work. I searched and searched for a reputable launderette to assist me, so I enquired with Mark. He responded very quickly and ensured me that they would handle my laundry as if it were their own. The next thing I know, they are picking my laundry up one day and returning it the next day, washed and dried. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their service.”


“Bubbles exceptional and quick service has saved me on many occasions when I’ve fallen behind on the family laundry. I just drop the my bags off in the morning and they’re ready the same day. It doesn’t matter how much there is, it all comes back fresh, clean and beautifully folded. Thank you Bubbles!”


“Mark and the team at Bubbles have provided a brilliant laundry service for 5 years now. I would recommend them to anyone (and have!). The service is ultra reliable and very responsive if there are any changes or extras.
We started using Bubbles as a “one-off” when my son was born and we were buried in laundry – it’s a testament to their fantastic service and value for money that we have been loyal customers ever since.”


“I have recently called on Mark to help when I’ve been in a bit of a fix and each time the service has been exceptional. We rented out our home over the summer whilst we were away and in between guests I needed quite a lot of bed linen, towels, bath mats etc washed & ironed. As we were not around to drop off or collect, I relied completely on Bubbles to do that for me and to quite specific dates and times! Everything was co-ordinated with Mark from a distance and it seems nothing was too much trouble.
I would highly recommend Bubbles Laundry Service. Brilliant!”


“I usually never write feedback for a business – it’s just something I never get round to – but then I don’t usually come across a service as good as this one. After our washing machine broke down, Phil, the friendly driver from Bubbles Launderette picked up 4 bin bags of laundry from us yesterday, and dropped them back again this morning, right to our door, all nice, clean and freshly folded. An outstanding service, fast, efficient and friendly, and incredibly well priced. Would happily recommend – great job, Bubbles, will use again.”


“My washing machine broke on a Sunday night and more in hope than expectation I emailed Bubbles at 9pm. I received a speedy reply telling me my laundry could be picked up in the morning at 9.30am. It was! And it was brought by the owner Mark clean, soft and very neatly folded at 6.30pm the same day! Amazing! I really appreciated it as we had just moved house, I was working on an urgent work project and my son had no clean clothes!! Used again since and just as great. Livia”


“I used this launderette for the past year while studying at St. Mary’s University and it was always clean and the machines seem to be quite new. The owner was friendly and was really helpful when I first went as I didn’t know what to do.”

Elizabeth K, Teddington

“Amazing service! I emailed the owner, Mark, at 9 PM after my washing machine broke down. I had loads of dirty washing, a dissertation to finish and was feeling stressed! He replied very quickly and my washing was collected the next morning. It was dropped off at 6.30 PM the same day, clean, soft and very neatly folded. No creases. So happy! Very reasonable cost. What a fantastic service!.”

Claire L, Twickenham

“While our home was being refurbished we couldn’t use our washing machine or dryer. Nightmare!? Well, in fact, not all! Thanks to Mark, the owner of Bubbles, this became the highlight of the refurbishment. For 8 weeks, I drove the whole week’s laundry to Mark and got it back 24 hours later beautifully washed and folded. Many items didn’t need ironing either thanks to drying in the large drying machines. In one instance, Mark even washed and dried my whole week’s laundry in 4 hours! I’m really sorry that I don’t have the excuse to go to Bubbles every week now but will definitely continue to do so if I have house guests or need laundry done quickly. Thank you very much, Mark, for your great work!”

Buddy W, Texas

“Bubbles is the best, and Mark is the reason. He makes sure that all of his brand new machines are in good working order, and his establishment is squeaky clean and well lit. I work on the road and find myself in Teddington for two months yearly, and Mark has been a real blessing to a road-weary Texan in England in need of an ample supply of clean socks! Everybody in the area knows Mark.”

Debbie H, Teddington

“Amazing service! All my weekly washing collected, done, dried, folded with precision and delivered back within the day!!!! No more wet washing hanging around the house or piles of ironing!! Free yourselves, you’ll never look back!!!!!! Thank you Bubbles.”

Linda D

“Mark and Bubbles are wonderful. I stayed at a local hotel and used the launderette services twice. I couldn’t be happier with the service! Excellent. Mark picked up my laundry at the hotel and delivered it later in the day. Very much appreciated and very well done. I really appreciate the prompt and friendly service. Five stars! I can enjoy the rest of my vacation because of Bubbles.”

Trudy J, Twickenham

“Brilliant laundry service wash, even our socks were paired up and I don’t even do that! Highly recommended, A***”

Sylvie B, Richmond

“I have been using this launderette several times in the past and the service has always been excellent. Today, they have surpassed themselves, which is why I wanted to write an excellent review, as it merits saying when people provide outstanding service. I was late collecting my item and they even waited for me!!!! All of this with a smile! I am really impressed. I can only highly recommend them! Thank you!!!

Johnny E, Teddington

“This laundry service is “highly recommended”! They do everything on time. Even fold the clothes neatly for you. It’s great value for money.”

Helen P, Teddington

“Bubbles provide an excellent laundry service. Mark is 100% reliable and the sheets and clothes come back ready to use the same day. The iron only needs to come out for the work shirts.”

Louise M, Hampton Wick

“I started using Bubbles when I had my second baby. Having all the bedding and towels taken off my hands made my life so much easier. Mark picks up in the morning and drops back in the afternoon. No ironing required just put straight back in the cupboard. A friendly service.”

David L

“Always done on time. Always done with a smile. Nothing too much trouble. Always beautifully folded – Magic!”

Gaye R

“I would highly recommend Bubbles for both their laundry and dry cleaning services. I have been using Bubbles Laundry Service for 4-5 years and Mark has always been friendly, reliable and professional. I just drop it off in the morning and it’s ready the same day. I particularly appreciate the quality of the folded laundry because it saves me a lot of time, as I don’t have to iron it!”

Jenni C

“We have been using Bubbles and they offer a fantastic service at our local business for about a year and a half now. Mark is always extremely friendly, helpful, accommodating and the service is always very fast and efficient!”

Rob H

“I’ve used Bubbles whilst I had some building work going on. Mark provides an excellent service, collecting and returning the same day. Clothes always well cleaned and cared for. Thoroughly recommended!”

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